You Are Not God – Netizens Slams Man Who Predicted Queen’s Dǝath And Makes Prediction About King Charles III

Netizens are not taking it easy on a man who has since gone viral on Twitter after he correctly predicted the date Queen Elizabeth II passed away.

The man identified as Logan Smith had tweeted in July that the Queen would pass away on 8th September 2022. His tweet however didn’t get any attention until the Queen passed away on the said date.

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What makes the matter more complex is the fact that he predicted the day the newly installed monarch, King Charles III will pass away too. According to him, March 2* 2026 is the year.

Smith has since turned on the privacy settings on his Twitter page after his tweet began to gain traction.

With screenshots of the post flying all over Twitter, a TikTok user identified as Hailey noted said, “RIP to logan I know the British are coming for him.”

Reacting to what is considered a bad omen, Netizens have slammed the man and questioned if he is God.

See comments below,

@kisera: This time it won’t work. They will monitor his health and pray to God to avert it. And when you call God he would answer.

@emmanuel Kachi: Man cannot be God… God Save The King.

@stanley: Why would you predict someone’s death are God and mind you, you could die before him

@ken: Can these people rest with this their rubbish queen and king matter, it shouldn’t be shoved into our faces. We don’t give a heck! who is what? They should keep it to their ugly self and allow us to leave our happy lives abeg.

@anon: God forbid

@Divinity: Man proposes but God disposes. Only God knows our last day except you choose to make it faster

@veeky: God please give him long life like that of his parents, don’t allow him to die as being predicted, through Christ our Lord, Amen.

@chef_bears: He is not God.

@limi: No one but God is capable, no one but God. Ogbeni Smith gerrout and gettout.

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