Mitsubishi Eclipse from Original ‘The Fast and the Furious’ is Being Auctioned this Weekend

Nobody could have predicted the influence that 2001’s The Fast and the Furious would have on the big-budget Hollywood film industry. The so-called Furious saga, which now spans over 10 films and has grossed slightly more than $700 million at the box office, is something of an action movie powerhouse for Universal Studios.

It all started with a lime green 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse, which is now up for auction at Mecum Auctions. The vehicle will enter the Florida-based event in Kissimmee for an initial estimate of $75,000-$125,000, which is little compared to Paul Walker’s orange Supra, which sold for $550,000 last June.

The vehicle is outfitted from head to toe with all of its cinematic improvements, including a Jensen CD radio system, Sparco seats, a roof scoop, and much more. Despite its relatively brief appearance, in which the Eclipse is shot to bits and then exploded by the villainous Johnny Tran and his cousin Lance Nguyen, the Eclipse is probably one of the franchise’s most cherished pieces of memorabilia.

The vehicle is only the sixth generation of Mitsubishi Eclipses featured in the film, and it will be accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Cinema Vehicle Services. The Hollywood Car Museum in Last Vegas has a bullet-holed replica of the film car on exhibit.

Mitsubishi Eclipse from Original 'The Fast and the Furious' is Being  Auctioned this Weekend | Tech Times

Mecum writes:

“Like so many of these modern Hot Rods, the Eclipse is laden with details that often escape casual observers, like the custom sideview mirrors, the racing sport wheel which deletes the factory airbag unit and, of course, the infamous diamond-plate floor pans.”

The auction house is referring to a drag race in which Walker’s Brian O’Conner overtakes opponent Dominic Torreto (played by Vin Diesel). It would not only cement both characters’ friendship, but it would also serve as a symbol for the car itself, making Hollywood history.

The Fast and the Furious's 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse from 2001 to be auctioned

However, it is not identical to its film version. Buck Car No. 35, as it’s referred as in the auction, will be equipped with an automatic transmission, unlike its fictional counterparts. Nonetheless, it will be a collector’s delight to acquire and is in excellent shape. With numerous more Fast and Furious films on the way, those initial projections are likely to be very low.

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