AMVCA 2024: Actress Ireti Doyle displays Mother-daughter Moment

Actress, Ireti Doyle has displayed an outstanding mother-daughter moment with her 17-year-old daughter at the red carpet of the Africa Viewer’s Choice Award, AMVCA which took place over the weekend at Eko hotel Lagos, Nigeria.

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The duo was observed twining in their respective outfits, sharing smiles, and exchanging affectionate gestures.

The mother was in a green gown with a flora hand while her daughter was seen in a corset and a open-front combat supported with ropes and sneakers. Although her outfit didn’t sit well with netizens as they had a lot of things to say about her poor choice of outfit and some went as far as to question the actresses parenting skills. See comments below:

Shamack said: “But ireti no dey dress radarada now, is this woke parenting?”

FOWOBI OF LAGOS said: “This is not right for a 17 years old girl 😑😑😑😑”

GoldofBuji stated: “Wetin d daughter wear so? That remaining material for her mother cloth she for use am sew agbada for d girl”

ADERONKE said: “Wetin the daughter wear so🧐🙄”

Omobola noted: “They look so beautiful together 😍😍”

Cruise with Atuekong said: “Nansense outfit”

Pirol said: “Why she no kuku naked Werey”

bhyzi wrote: “Omo😂😂😂 but dem sabi correct another person pikin”

TheCarefreeOwl said: “She wear cloth wey cover her, but open eyes make daughter wear this?? Well wetin I know about parenting self”

what’s your take on her outfit? Please let us know your opinion. See video below;

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