Questions You Should Never Ask On A First Date

First date is something everyone seems to take seriously most especially if its with someone they are attracted to.

However, a lot of people seem to make mistake with the kind of question they ask on first date.

There are some kind of question that should be asked on a first date, you can’t just try to rush into more question.

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Here are question you should never ask on first date;

1. “How much do you earn?”

You don’t have to ask about the account balance of the person! Its wrong! You will look like a gold-digger.

2. “Where Do You See This Relationship Going?”

OK this is a pretty weighty question lay on someone you just met, you will seem desperate if you ask this.

3. How Many People Have You Slept With?”

First of all, this question is inappropriate and certainly none of your busy especially for someone you just met.

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