For Ladies: How To Dress On A First Date

First date with a guy you like is mostly thrilling and nerve yanking as you would be wondering what to wear that will be just perfect.

First date is just like first sex it tends to go a long way in our memories as long as it goes well.

As the saying goes “first impression matters” indeed it does, as it stays with us forever.

Here are the DOs and DON’Ts on first date;

Dress to impress..but don’t go over board

Its normal to want to dress to impress a guy you like but trust me, the last thing you want is to over do it.

Do you, dress well but don’t go over board you don’t want to look ‘desperate‘ on the first date.

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Dress Bold

Some people tend to confuse bold and slutty, you mustn’t dress slutty to be bold you can wear something more;

Because if you dress slutty on a first date there is a high chance he is going to ask you for sex, like the saying goes “the way you dress, is the way people will address you”. 

Dress Like A Boss

Well, if you are looking for a bossy kind of vibe then go with this, it gives you the respect you deserve.

That way your date knows you are not someone he can mess with.

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