For Gents: How To Dress On A First Date

Dressing up for a date with a girl is quite different from dressing up for a drink with the guys.

When getting dress for a date, you have to make sure to look your absolute best no one wants to be seated across a disorganized guy.

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Here are the things to keep in mind when getting dressed for a first date;

Your Shoe Matters

Some guys fail to understand that your shoe matters when going on a date for the first time with a girl you like.

Girls tend to look at the shoe a whole lot, so your shoe has to look good as well as your cloth.

Dress Cool

Ok its very important for you to know this guys so keep reading; don’t dress like you are coming back from a fund raising program in the 80s, no please don’t do that, dress to impress her with something like this;

Throw in a jacket and a white T-shirt, (white T-shirts has a way of making you look neat and cool) that way you get to swag and look cool.

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Ok even if they should be an occasion like a dinner party where you have no other choice but to wear a suit, don’t look like a grandpa wear this instead;

Something that makes you look smoking hot at the same time like a gent.


If you are more of a casual person then this is the right fit, casual yet hot.

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