Tips to Get You a Second Date


Tips to Get You a Second Date

By Pamela Echemunor

Going on a date with someone for the first time can be daunting and quite scary especially if it’s been a while, so first thing’s first, just breath and believe it will be a breeze. A lot of people tend to lose themselves to jitters, sweating profusely in the wrong places and eventually feeling embarrassed, some cover up the embarrassment with embarrassing laughter (not cool), so instead relax and read these five tips and I assure you, you’ll definitely get date number two.

Make sure your facts are straight

It’s imperative you know as much as possible about the person you are going on a date with, this will help make the conversation flow with ease. And even when you know what the answer to your question is, still ask and find a way to stretch the conversation so there’s no uncomfortable silence.




For guys pull out her chair

Chivalry is the most attractive quality a man can possess, its real turn on, so don’t allow her sit down before realizing you can be a gentleman.

For the ladies be courteous

Nothing is worse than someone who is rude, if he does something like pull out your chair or takes care of the bill or even stands up when you excuse yourself, a simple thank you will suffice.


Talk about the other person

It’s very sad when one person keeps rambling about themselves the entire time without acknowledging the person they’re talking to, allow your date to pitch in, this way you get a bit more information.

Sit upright

Sitting upright is a sign of good mannerism and confidence, with this you’re one step in.

Remember your table manners

Quite a number of people lack simple table etiquette, things like banging the cutlery against the dish, using a napkin right, not belching after eating etc, before your date try and brush up what you know about table manners.

Always remember to smile and flirt subtly

Now this is very important, the world is hard now and that’s a fact, but try to leave your life’s current situation and enjoy the moment, your date doesn’t need to know all your troubles in one day. That brings me to flirting, some people don’t know what the word subtle means , keep it to a minimal, you don’t want to give off an overly flirtatious signal that might be damaging and turn the date to a one night stand.



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