Google wants to improve how Android works with Windows PCs and other devices

Google LLC is attempting to increase connectivity inside its Android environment. Later this year, he wants to deploy a number of new features aimed at making Android devices operate well with one another as part of a new program dubbed “Better Together.”

Google’s “Quick Pair” feature, which is an existing capability designed to make pairing Bluetooth headphones with Android smartphones easier, is one of the most significant enhancements released today. Fast Pair will be expanded this year to include automatic switching between devices, faster pairing with Google TV and Android TV, and additional devices, according to Google. In addition, the business intends to use the Fast Pair architecture to enable Android customers link up smart home devices more quickly.

In another upgrade, Google will allow Wear OS 3 smartwatches to unlock associated Android phones and Chromebooks, similar to how an Apple Watch can unlock an iPhone. According to Google, it should happen within the next few months.

More importantly, Google announced that it was collaborating with HP Inc., Acer Inc., and Intel Corp. to bring some of its Better Together capabilities to their laptops. As a result, users will be able to use Fast Pair, sync text messages, and Android’s proximity sharing capability to share files with their Windows PCs and laptops.

Google plans to make Android work better with other devices — here's how |  Tom's Guide

While the Windows integrations are impressive, further capabilities are in the works for Chromebook users. Google has stated that, in addition to Fast Pair and Nearby Share, it wishes to develop a system in which any messaging app on a user’s phone can be mirrored on their Chromebook. It also intends to launch a new feature dubbed “Camera Roll on Phone Hub,” which would make it easier to access photos on an Android phone via a Chromebook. Google also announced a new Chromebook setup flow that will allow users to pair the laptop with an Android phone during the first setup, exchanging different settings and account information across the two devices.

Finally, Google stated that it is still working on providing support for unlocking automobiles with Android phones via ultra-wideband, a function that will initially work with BMW cars from Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. ‘She’ll come.’

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