Google Chromebook to Release New Feature that Detects if ‘Someone is Looking at Your Screen’ | Snooping Detection

Through its new snooping detection option, Google Chromebook is offering a new function that allows units to identify whether “someone is staring at your screen.” Enabling this feature allows the camera to detect whether or not someone is staring at the users’ Chromebook.

Chrome OS is working on “snooping detection” to protect your screen and  notifications

Google Chrome as the Ultimate Productivity Tool

According to Android Police, unlike many Android tablets, Chromebooks are excellent productivity tools from the time they are opened. This would likely explain why the models have been adopted by both students and office workers, despite providing a simple UI at a low entry fee.

The newspaper suggests that people looking to buy a Chromebook for business should wait until future models are released since they may include stronger security features. Chromebooks have been known to include a Human Presence Sensor, or HPS, which has been shown in several entries.

HPS Aids in Face Unlock

In September, data emerged indicating that the HPS may also be used in conjunction with face unlocking to improve the owner’s PC security. A report from 9to5Google provides users with a little more information about another perk of the Google sensor.

Another future feature for Chromebook users will allow them to set the “snooping detection” option, which alerts the HPS when someone is peering over the user’s shoulder at their screen. Google will utilize the Chromebook webcam to count how many people are in the picture and respond based on the user’s preferences.

Chrome OS Will Assist in User Safety

Everything is done locally, so the users’ surroundings, including their faces, are not uploaded to Google’s cloud. When the device identifies a snooper, Chrome OS takes a few more steps to safeguard user safety.

If users only want to know when someone is behind them, they can allow a little eye indicator to appear in the display’s status area. This would keep users aware of their surroundings without requiring them to continually look behind them.

Notifications when someone is snooping on a user’s screen

This feature can also be used to disable notifications or even dim their screen to prevent them from being seen. This allows customers to keep all of their valuable trade secrets and detonation codes out of the hands of anyone they don’t want these details to fall into.

Even if users aren’t necessarily high-ranking government officials or superspies, being able to shield one’s personal data or whatever is on their screen from prying eyes is a very useful tool to have. However, there is no specific timeline for when devices that support this feature will be available on store shelves.

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