Why I feel I take 2face for granted – Annie Idibia confesses

Annie, the Nollywood actress and wife of famous singer 2face Idibia, has acknowledged to taking him for granted.

She claimed on Thursday that 2face is bigger than she is, claiming that she lives with a deity.

Observers will see that Annie is beginning her family year in a fresh and encouraging manner, given how difficult 2021 was for them.

Ironically, she was primarily to blame for the storm, accusing him of continuing to visit Pero, the baby mama who has three children for him.

This turned rowdy, though some quiet was restored afterwards.

Despite this, she ended the year with a N500m suit, which Pero smashed against her.

The Whole Story Behind Annie Idibia Outburst About 2Baba

Following the Singer’s use of her as his vixen in the new music video for his latest track ‘Smile,’ a new Annie scolded her husband in an Instagram post on Thursday:

Celebrating this incredibly talented man! I feel I take him for granted. Sometimes I forget that I literally live with a god. I am grateful to the universe that I get to wake up next to this spirit every other day. she wrote.


Why I feel I take 2face for granted – Annie Idibia confesses

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