“Try something unnatural for once” Bisi Alimi advises people whose marriages have failed

"Try something unnatural for once" Bisi Alimi advises people whose marriages have failed

Nigerian gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has once again shared a piece of advice with straight people whose marriages have failed.

Taking to his Instagram page, the public speaker who has been married to Anthony Davis for six years advised that straight people whose marriages have failed to try something unnatural for once.

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Alimi suggests that if his same-sex marriage has outlasted heterosexual marriages, then maybe it’s time for straight people to consider trying something different.

He wrote:

“Dear straight married people, if my unnatural gay marriage is lasting more than your natural straight marriage, maybe it’s time you try something unnatural for once. Or instead of passing laws to stop my loving fulfilling and promising unnatural gay marriage, you could devout time to making your natural marriage work and make something of your life. Just saying”.


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