You Can Threaten Her But You Will Never Break Her -Bisi Alimi Backs Bobrisky

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They are not friends, far from it and even if you call them enemies you are right. Only not too long, June precisely they openly blasted each other online! But Bisi Alimi won’t sit back and watch his enemy get threatened. Bisi who is a human rights activist, well you have to add gay in front of the human rights activist though, in a new post on social media, says he might not agree with all Bob does/says, but hey he has the right to hold a party.

Posting what you see above, Bisi rounded it up with

”we might not agree on everything but you have a right like every Nigerian to have a happy birthday without harassment from the police and if you don’t see anything wrong with this, you are soulless and heartless and you are sub-human”

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