PlayStation 5 Gets Apple Music Integration

For those who enjoy listening to music while playing, the PlayStation 5 gaming experience has just gotten a whole lot better. Sony has announced the availability of Apple Music on the PlayStation 4.

The PS5 and Apple Music integration allows users to watch music videos on the console or even have songs play in the background while gaming.

To take advantage of the new integration, PS5 owners must have an Apple Music subscription.

Prior to the addition of the Apple Music app to the PlayStation 5, the only way for players to stream music through the console was through Spotify.

Apple Music is now available on the PlayStation 5

Sony ps5 console

On November 3, 2020, a living room with a Sony PlayStation 5 home video game console and a television was photographed.

According to an announcement made by Sony on the PlayStation blog, the PlayStation 5 now supports Apple Music.

“For those of you who enjoy listening to music while playing games, we are pleased to announce that Apple Music is launching on PS5 – the first gaming console to introduce an integrated Apple Music experience, bringing their expansive music catalog to PS5 players worldwide,” Sony says in a statement.

According to the announcement, PS5 owners must have an Apple Music subscription to take advantage of the new integration. The PlayStation 5 and Apple Music integration includes thousands of curated playlists, music videos, Apple Music Radio streaming, and over 90 million songs.

According to Gizmodo, PS5 users can connect Apple Music to their consoles by going to media home, then selecting All Apps. Then, select Apple Music, followed by Download.

After you’ve downloaded the app, open it and either log in or create a new account.

What Players Should Expect

PS5 owners who have Apple Music subscriptions can now enjoy two benefits as a result of the streaming service’s launch on the gaming console.

The first is that players can choose to have background music playing while they play a game. Music recommendations tailored to the game can also be made available to players.

Apple Music will also curate playlists that are appropriate for gaming.

The second benefit of the integration is music video playback for PS5 users. On the PS5, players can watch music videos in 4K resolution. If a player returns to playing, the song being listened to will continue to play as background music.

What exactly is Apple Music?

Apple Music is a music and video streaming service launched by Apple in 2015. Users can listen to music on-demand and enjoy available playlists through the streaming service.

It began as a music-only streaming service, but by 2016, it had expanded to include video streaming. Users can enjoy a trial period before committing to a monthly subscription to the streaming service.