With Instagram’s newest sticker, you no longer need to say “link in bio”

Instagram is doing away with the “link in bio” refrain by introducing Stories links, which allow users to direct their followers to non-Instagram content. The move follows a limited test earlier this year that limited the new feature to a small group of users.

Instagram did not allow users to share links when it first launched, either to keep the platform clean and focused on imagery or as a tool to drive engagement. In any case, the lack of linking support in posts and Stories prompted users who wanted to direct their followers to their own work to use the common “link in bio” phrase.

With today’s update, anyone can now share a link in a story post in the same way that they can add a GIF or poll to their Story.

Instagram link sticker.

“When we first introduced Stories links, we restricted the feature to verified accounts or those with a certain number of followers.” The rest of our community has told us that they, too, want to share important information with their friends and family. “No matter what you’re into, from cooking to volunteering or shopping, you now have a space to share in Stories — regardless of the size of your account,” Instagram’s Max Eulenstein explained.

The sticker tool is currently quite basic, but Instagram intends to add some additional customization so that you can indicate what content your followers can expect to find when they click the link.

Instagram, on the other hand, isn’t planning on letting users go wild with their newfound freedom. You will still be unable to post links in regular photo uploads. Furthermore, users who repeatedly violate the company’s community guidelines will have their link sticker access revoked. Aside from that, we can say good-by to “link in bio.”

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