‘I am on a deity level’ Brymo tells Burna Boy, issues him warning

'I am on a deity level' Brymo tells Burna Boy, issues him warning

Nigerian singer, Brymo has resumed dragging his colleague and rival, Burna Boy.

In a new post on his Instagram story, Brymo sent three messages to Burna Boy; First, he asked that he leaves the pop scene as he noted that the singer is looking almost ugly with a voice like his that can’t sing. He urged him to embrace a purpose, concentrate, and seize the world’s offerings that had been denied to him.

In his subsequent message, he conveyed to Burna that he viewed himself on a divine level, explaining why Burna Boy couldn’t help but crave his attention.

In his final message, he queried Burna Boy about his desires, assuring him of assistance if he approached with respect.

Brymo wrote

“Yo! Three things…1. You need to leave the pop scene. You are seriously looking almost ugly and with a voice like mine that can’t really sing to boot. Take a cause and focus. You need to give the world the things you were deprived of. 2. I am on the Deity level. Any wonder why you can’t resist the yearning for my attention. Not even your international renown is enough to make you look past me, who does not have anything supposedly close to what you are purported to have.

What do you want?? I can help if you ask like a man and respectfully”.

'I am on a deity level' Brymo tells Burna Boy, issues him warning

Glamsquad recalls that Brymo said Burna Boy’s lyrics aren’t as good as his own. He said this after the Grammy Award winner dissed him in a freestyle, suggesting Brymo isn’t as good as before. Brymo also said just because Burna has won awards doesn’t mean he’s better, as awards don’t always mean you’re the best.

Brymo claimed he’s the best singer in Africa, saying he’s better than everyone else.

In response, Burna Boy criticized Brymo for using Yoruba proverbs to sing, suggesting people say anything to target him because he’s seen as the King.

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