How do you know if your PS5 is about to fail and how can you avoid it?

The PS5 is, in reality, a computer housed in a very small chassis and dedicated solely to gaming; nonetheless, it is still a computer, and as such, it requires some care and measures to ensure that its usable life is extended to the fullest extent possible.
There are certain apparent indicators that something is wrong, just as there are on a PC, and if you detect them early enough, you may react appropriately to keep your expensive and hard-to-get playstation from moving on to a better life.

PS5 supply will not get any better in the near future

Symptoms that your PS5 is about to fail

One of the primary issues that this console may face is temperature, because, as previously stated, extremely powerful hardware is packed into a very compact space.
Your fan, especially the blower kind, will speed up more than necessary and even in situations when it shouldn’t. This is a symptom that something isn’t right (such as being in the main menu and not in a game).
This is an unmistakable sign that the console is overheating.

Abnormal noises are another indication that may indicate that the PS5 is ready to fail.
When the console’s moving parts, such as the fan and optical drive, are in use, they create noise, but that noise is relatively constant and typical when the console is in good condition.
If these noises become unusual and, above all, excessive (for example, the fan sounds like it’s rattling), it’s usually a warning that something is wrong with the console.

Obviously, there are other symptoms in addition to those listed above, though many of them can be the result of the above: screen artifacts, poor performance, the optical unit failing to read some discs or displaying an error, the WiFi failing, and so on.
It is reasonable to expect that some of the console’s components will break over time due to wear or because they were manufactured incorrectly, in which case we will have little choice but to take the console to a technical service center ( especially if it happens while it is still under warranty).

How to avoid the main problems on the PS5

Indoor PS5

As previously stated, the majority of issues with the PS5 are caused by a high operating temperature, which can occur for a variety of reasons that you can try to avoid:

  • Do not “embed” the console in a piece of furniture that does not allow it to breathe.
    Ensure that the console is on a firm surface with nothing too close to it, allowing it to take in fresh air while avoiding the formation of heated air pockets that it will expel through its vents.
  • Keeping the console in its current location, do not place it near windows to avoid dust or filth from entering it directly, and do not let it shine in direct sunlight.
  • Keep the console as clean as possible at all times.
    Dust will undoubtedly get inside, resulting in lower working temperatures (and possibly even a burning odor), yet cleaning the exterior on a regular basis can take a long time.
  • A dusty game disc should never be inserted.
    Not only may this cause read errors, but it could also cause the optical drive’s lens to become dirty, causing irreversible damage.

Because the PS5’s power source is incorporated into the gadget, it’s probable that you’ll hear coil whining (a form of electric chirp) at some point.
Normally, this isn’t a cause for concern because it’s a common occurrence in electrical appliances, but if the console started doing it overnight, or if it only does it in certain circumstances (for example, when there’s a fire in the picture), something isn’t quite right.
This cannot be avoided, but you can see if the coil whine persists when you put the console into another socket, as the coil whine can occasionally be caused by the electrical outlet (especially if it is hooked into a strip, which can also cause problems).