‘I’m happy, we lost the match’ Actor Williams Uchemba gives reasons as he tackles state Governors

Nigerian comic actor Williams Uchemba believes it is a good thing that Nigeria lost to Ghana and could not qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

Williams Uchemba claimed in a post on his Instagram story that losing the match would cause Nigerians to focus their rage on the country’s critical challenges.

According to Williams Uchemba, about a thousand Nigerian citizens are missing, and some people act as if this is the norm.

william uchemba

According to Williams Uchemba, some Nigerian state governors have yet to publish a statement regarding the attack on the railway along the Kaduna-Abuja line and the death of Dr Chinelo.

The father of one said that the silence of some state governors could be due to election preparations in 2023.

He wrote:

Maybe it’s good we lost so we can channel our anger on the pressing issues in the country. Almost 1000 Nigerian citizens cannot be accounted for and some people are acting like it’s a normal thing.

If it takes losing a match to get upset and know that we are in a hell hole so be it. Some heads of state are yet to make a statement on the issue. I guess they are busy planning for 2023.

Actor Williams Uchemba