Facebook Now Allows Users to Change Ad Preference and Post Audience

Facebook is now giving its users more control over the advertising they see and how they select an audience for their postings. The new tool lets users choose who they want their posts to reach, as well as an ad preference.


Facebook to Make Post Audience Easier to Customize

According to the story by Tech Radar, the new feature aims to make selecting the audience for the users’ posts more convenient. Although selecting an audience was already offered to users, it usually meant manually changing who will be able to view the entirety of the users’ posts instead of just individual ones.

To be more specific, users will be able to change who can view individual posts without affecting their account settings for all future posts. This means when users adjust their post settings for a selected number of people on their friend’s list, this won’t affect either the future or even the previous posts made on the platform.

Platform Allows Users to Choose Who Gets to See Their Posts

The company also published a guideline detailing how to select an audience for their posts. This method, however, is now updated and made much easier.

In order to select a specific audience for a Facebook post, users should first login to their social media and click the profile icon located on their screen’s top left. After this, users will have to go to Settings and Privacy Button and click on Settings then Privacy.

Once in the activity feed, users will then be able to select the audience for their future posts. These include multiple options from Friends, Public, Friends Except, Specific Friends, and Only Me.

New Changes Won’t become Post Default

The changes give users the option to save their new settings for them to use repetitively later on with other posts. One by one, users will have to select which friends on their list do they want to see their posts and when decided, users can save their choices.

When accomplished, users will be able to share the posts on the feeds of selected people without hampering future posts. When making another post in the future, the post will be published in default mode instead of the single selected mode.

How to Choose Ad Preference

When it comes to selecting the users’ ad preference, as noted on the Facebook help page, users will have to click on the arrow down button located on the top left side of Facebook. After that, users will still go to Settings & Privacy and click on Settings.

Once in settings, users have to go to the Ads choice located on the left menu. Users will be able to select from the ads they have seen or go to Ad Settings to show whether or not users want to see personalized ads based on their activity.


Source – Tech times

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