Cameroonian rapper, Show Yoh goes viral after inking tattoo of his mentor, 50 Cent on his back

Show Yoh, a Cameroonian rapper, is trending on social media after drawing a tattoo of American rap icon 50 Cent.

Cameroonian rapper, Show Yoh

Show Yoh tattooed a big tattoo of his role model, 50 Cent, on his back, which drew attention due to its odd appearance.

50 cent

Show Yoh posted a photo of the tattoo on his official Instagram profile, along with the words 50 Cent and Father and Son.

Cameroonian rapper, Show Yoh

He wrote; 

“Celebrate ur role models and show them true love, so that you can also be celebrate too in future! Showing true love to my father 50 Cent.

My mentor in the music world.”

See his post:

Cameroonian rapper, Show Yoh

Social media users did not hesitate to make fun of the work of art as some even tagged 50 Cent.

@2Mjimm; That’s 50 when he lost that weight for that movie nobody saw

@ramseyboltin; You could show this to 500 people and ask who it is and not one would say 50.

@josuezzzie; That’s 25 cents

@lofi_dna; Looks like the sassy gangster from the amazing world of gumball

@ichibandon; Nigga drew Nelly on his back

schengen_owner; @50cent this nigga crazy bout ou bruh.

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