Here is what designers, Elfreda Dali & Tiffany-Annabelle had to say about themselves

Tiffany-Annabelle and Elfreda Dali

Yesterday, October 25, 2021 was the last day of Tiffany-Annabelle’s SOLD OUT! ‘MISALIGNED’ exhibition, and we’ve learned a lot about the highly brilliant artist, her art, and her style!

The collaboration between Tiffany-Annabelle and her designer, ‘Elfreda Dali’, piqued our interest.
In an interview with StyleVitae, when asked about her magnificent black ensemble on the exhibition’s opening day, she said:

“I first saw Elfreda’s beautiful clothes from Arise Fashion week. Her clothes are beautiful with a punk vibe, I loved that with her I would get a look that was fresh and but edgy. For me art and fashion are symbiotic, I love expressing myself in my work and how I dress”

Elfreda Dali, Tiffany Annabel’s designer, had a few words to say about her work:

“What initially struck me about Tiffany’s work is the fluidity and the use of colour.
The continuous lines seemed to be alive and in motion like the figures were dancing an morphing.”

See more photos from the event below:

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