Tiffany Amber Culture – SS18 ‘Intimate’

Tiffany Amber Culture is the latest project from  Nigeria  Powerhouse, Tiffany Amber. The Creative Director of the brand, Folake Folarin-Coker in the design brief, describes the line;

“Tiffany Amber Culture is an extension of the iconic Tiffany Amber brand, capturing the rich aesthetics of our African culture with stylish global appeal. Traditional Silhouettes with a modern twist. Print heaven. Thinks African woman who is a global nomad. She travels from part to part, standing out because of her diversity and still blending in with different cultures in a majestic Afropolitan way.”

The new range sticks to all of the same aesthetics and design signature that the brand is known for, with one simple twist; Youth. It is incredibly difficult to look at the collection and notice a desire to appeal to an audience younger that its usual Clientele. Folake Folarin-Coke is known to pride her brand on being for the ‘Woman’ and not for girls, but with an ever changing and evolving marketspace, the need to broaden one’s audience is as practical move a move as any.

If ‘Tiffany Amber Nigeria’ is for the woman, the ‘Tiffany Amber Culture’ is for the Lady in transition.

The collection which was debuted via a private presentation on Day 2 of the Glitz Africa Fashion Show in Ghana, brings the very relaxed yet elegant, vacation-ready vibe the Fashion House is known for. Hardly a monotonous collection, there’s is  a fair dose of looks suited for ocassions and one or two work appropriate looks for those in the Creative or Lifestyle sectors.

While I’m aware that I’ve all but declared this line for the lady in transition or the young woman; there is definitely a hint of the 40 something year old woman who never did part with her youth lingering in a way that gives room for expression unhampered by one’s age.

As promised, the SS18 Intimate Collection from Tiffany Amber Culture was simply an extension of the brand with a slightly younger and more globally mobile audience in view.


Afoma Aligbe

Afoma Aligbe is an avid foodie, Pr girl and roving editor with an over 5 years stint in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry. When she's not busy handling Clients or contributing articles, she spends her downtime blogging,eating and jiving to Nathaniel Bassey and Bethel Music