US States Are Investigating Instagram’s Impact On Teens

Nine US states have launched investigations into Instagram’s impact on minors and the possible harm the service can cause them. Authorities want to know if Meta is breaking state laws by pushing Instagram to children and teenagers, “knowing that its usage is related with harm to physical and mental health,” according to Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey.

A group of state attorneys general is looking into Meta’s strategies for increasing the app’s frequency of usage and the amount of time young people spend on it. The operation was carried out in response to a series of Wall Street Journal reports, which were based on papers provided by former business employee Frances Haugen (Frances Haugen). According to these documents, the firm did an internal analysis and discovered that Instagram has a contentious influence on the mentality of young people, but Meta refuses to openly recognize it.

“Today I am co-leading a nationwide coalition to get to the bottom of this company’s engagement with young users; identify any unlawful practices, and end these abuses for good,” Healey said in a statement. “Meta can no longer ignore the threat that social media can pose to children for the benefit of their bottom line”.

On the one hand, some lonely Instagram users reported pleasant impacts; on the other hand, the site raises anxiety among adolescent girls. The Financial Times reports that the growth rate of Meta services in crucial regions like as the United States is decreasing. Young people are already spending less time on Instagram and creating fewer content, which favors competitors such as TikTok.


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Meta maintains her denial of everything. “These charges are incorrect and indicate a profound misunderstanding of the facts,” a spokeswoman said on Thursday. While protecting young people online has an impact on the entire business, we are leading the way in combating bullying and assisting people who are battling with suicide ideation, self-harm, and eating disorders.”

In addition, Meta is now developing “additional features to assist persons who encounter negative social comparisons; or body image difficulties,” as well as new parental control capabilities. In September, the development of Instagram Kids, a special edition of the app for children under the age of 13, was halted due to harsh public and government reaction. However, the initiative was not fully canceled; according to the corporation, the halt will allow them more time to consider criticism from legislators, parents, and children’s rights activists.