How To Open And Use The Android 12 Privacy Dashboard

If you’ve been wondering how to utilize Android 12’s new Privacy Dashboard, you’ve come to the correct spot. The Android 12 Privacy Dashboard displays which permissions are being used by which apps. Furthermore, it is the location where you can see when these apps are using the rights. Despite its flaws and a lack of information about what each permission represents, the Android 12 Privacy Dashboard is a welcome addition.

The Android 12 operating system has a plethora of new features, including noteworthy modifications to the user interface. However, when it comes to privacy and security, the search engine behemoth did not budge this time. The Privacy Dashboard is a component of this strategy. It is worth noting that, despite having comparable capabilities, the Privacy Dashboard is not the same as the third-party software.

The Android 12 Privacy Dashboard displays a list of apps that have used your location, camera, and microphone.

Apart from that, it displays a list of all the apps that have sought each permission. There’s also a circle graph that shows a time breakdown of how long applications have had access to the three permissions mentioned earlier. Additionally, the other expandable options display the remainder of your permissions. Unfortunately, the circle graph only mentions “Other,” which isn’t really useful. Accessing the Privacy Dashboard can be a difficult undertaking. So, here’s how to access the Android 12 Privacy Dashboard.


To access the Privacy Dashboard, go to the phone’s settings menu. Then, scroll down to the Privacy area and click on the entry. According to Android Central, a new window will open with Privacy Dashboard at the top of the list. The Privacy dashboard now includes a circle graph. You may see a list of apps that have accessed your microphone, camera, or location by tapping Microphone, Camera, or Location underneath the circular graph. You can also get a 24-hour timeline breakdown of the aforementioned permissions. To see what other permissions are available on your smartphone, go to See other permissions.

Google Maps accessing your position, a phone app accessing the microphone, and a bunch of other obvious items are likely to be found in the Privacy Dashboard. Alternatively, you may discover more unusual things, such as a game gaining access to your location permission. Depending on which Android phone you use, the naming scheme and technique for accessing the same piece of information may differ slightly. For example, you can follow the same steps on the Samsung Galaxy S21, which runs Android 12 beta OS with ONE UI.

However, instead of phrases like Privacy Dashboard, search for Permission Usage History. Furthermore, the beautiful pie chart will be absent. Nonetheless, you will be able to see everything that your smartphone’s apps have been accessing.


The Android 12 Privacy Dashboard allows you to see which apps are doing things you don’t want them to be able to do. Permissions to access locations and microphones can also be used to eavesdrop on your whereabouts and activity, therefore they are crucial. The Privacy Dashboard allows you to keep track of apps that track your location. You may see all the apps that have accessed your location with a simple tap. You can even see the exact time they did it.

With one more swipe, you can revoke authorization for an undesired app. This is the first time Android has such a capability. Although Apple displays all permissions and apps, iOS lacks a single, easy-to-use location where you can self-audit and keep track of what your apps are doing. Furthermore, the Privacy Dashboard is a very useful tool that you should check out as soon as your phone has Android 12 OS.