Instagram’s Free iPhone Promo is a Scam; Here are the Signs to Look Out For

Social media scams abound, and hackers are continuously on the lookout for new ways to obtain their victims’ personal information. If you use Instagram, you may have noticed that strangers are tagging you in posts about free iPhones.

The post will state that you must click on the link to collect your prize. According to Hindustan Time Tech, this type of scam is not new, since it has revived every couple of years in conjunction with the debut of a new iPhone model.

Unfortunately, there is no free iPhone for anyone who has been tagged in one of these posts. If you click the link, you will be sent to a page where you will be required to input your personal information as well as your credit card number.


What Does the Instagram Scam Look Like?

The post will display you an image of the latest iPhone, along with a message thanking you on your win. You will be directed to a link that will request personal information from you.

Do not click on the post’s link. Scammers, according to CNET, utilize phishing methods to prey on the vulnerable, such as individuals who are not tech-savvy.

There are numerous real chances available online, but if you have not entered any contests, it is doubtful that you will win anything.

There is also simple information about how the game operates, how to enter, who is supporting the event, and other crucial details for legitimate winners.

With social media scams, it is increasingly difficult to follow a paper trail. If you conduct a separate search for the user who tagged you, it is possible that nothing will be found.

According to The Sun, other warning signs include manipulated iPhone images, several emoticons on the message, misspellings, and the use of urgent language.

You can disregard the tag, but there are other methods to improve your Instagram security settings. Here’s how to protect yourself from this ruse.

Limit the Mentions in Your Comments

The best way to combat this scam is to lock down who can mention you in the comment section. To do this, open your Instagram account and tap your icon.

Go to the Settings and select Mentions. Choose to allow mentions from people that you follow. If you do not want to be tagged at all, just select “No One.”

Limit Who Can Tag You in Instagram Pictures

One of the most common activities on social media is tagging other people in pictures. Fortunately, you can get more control by adjusting your app’s settings.

To prevent this from happening, open your Instagram account and tap on the icon so you can open the Settings section. Choose “Tap Posts.”

You can choose if you want people to tag you on pictures, if you want only those you follow to tag you on pictures, or if you do not want to be tagged at all. You can also manually approve the tags.