Twitter: How to Hide Savage Replies

You can’t erase other people’s tweets, but you can put them in a box and pretend they’re not there.

Joining the army can be a great opportunity to explore the world, just as Twitter can be a fun place to share jokes and connect with others. The social media site has earned a reputation for being a cesspool of bad faith disputes and verbal abuse, the online equivalent of a seedy dive bar at 2 a.m.

Twitter, thankfully, provides some features to help make your time there a little less self-destructive, one of which is the ability to hide replies to your tweets.

Twitter’s conceal reply tool, introduced in 2019, lets you to regulate your profile to some level by pushing other people’s hatred toward your postings out of sight.

To be clear, concealing a response does not totally remove it. Unfortunately, there is currently no method to erase another person’s tweet. Instead, this feature hides the objectionable reply so that it is not immediately visible to everyone who reads your original tweet.


Here’s how to hide a Twitter reply.

Launch Twitter.

Tap or click on the tweet to which the undesirable reply is responding.

Scroll down to the reply you want to hide, and then hit the “…” button in the top right corner. This will bring up a menu of choices.

Select “Hide reply” from the options.

If this is your first time hiding a reply, you may see a popup describing what it does and providing a link to more information. You may also receive a popup asking whether you want to block the person whose tweet you’re hiding, which is something to think about, especially if they’re a serial offender. If there are a lot of different users, you can also limit who replies to your tweet.

Once hidden, the reply will no longer appear in the list of responses to your tweet, but will instead be relocated to a separate page. Anyone who wants to see the tweets you’ve hidden can do so, but they must take the extra step of clicking on the dotted square icon in the bottom right corner of the original tweet.

Unhide tweets by clicking the dotted square symbol, then clicking the “…” button next to the tweet you want to unhide, and then selecting “Unhide reply.”

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Unfortunately, there is a Streisand Effect to the entire operation – if someone notices that tweets have been concealed, they will most likely want to know what they are. At the very least, suppressing tweets keeps Twitter’s toxicity under wraps while visitors pass through.

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