Why Is Juliet Ibrahim Skeptical About Twitter?

Juliet Ibrahim/Instagram @julietibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim/Instagram @julietibrahim

Nollywood actor Juliet Ibrahim has not been consistent on the Twitter microblogging app and has blamed it on cyberbullying.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the Ghanaian thespian said:

“I’ve always been very reluctant to actively use Twitter because so many times I’ll scroll and all I’ll see are attacks, insults, and bullying on my timeline, not only to me but even on the timeline of others. I think Twitter will be more exciting to people like myself that flee from cyberbullying when Twitter users learn to distinguish between sharing opinions and engaging in bullying, by promoting a kinder online conversation style.”

Further, the “Midnight Call” actor called out people who ruin the fun on social media, noting:

“So, when people seek solace or entertainment online, they may intend to share a joke, watch videos, or engage in lighthearted discussion. However, for some unfortunate souls, the experience is ruined by the presence of internet bullies. Cyberbullying has become a severe problem affecting mental health and well-being. Let’s learn to be kind to one another in our utterances because we do not know what people are dealing with personally.”

Juliet Ibrahim lamented that some people run to social media to relieve stress and find refuge from life’s daily struggles, but they are rather “subjected to cruel insults, harassment, and intimidation instead of finding refuge and entertainment.”

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She further discussed the impact of cyberbullying:

“Cyberbullying can have serious implications, causing emotional and psychological discomfort and leading to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. Everyone deserves the freedom to engage in online activities without being subjected to the harmful impacts of cyberbullying.”

Do you agree with Juliet Ibrahim?

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