iPhone X Face ID Repair Service Now Available! Here’s What Apple’s Latest Internal Memo Reveals

Face ID fix for the iPhone X is now available. Apple verified this announcement in a recently disclosed internal communication.

Consumers had to replace their units with new ones before the tech giant manufacturer offered repair services for broken Face IDs.

Because a broken Face ID was previously irreparable, Apple repair centers frequently supply new iPhones to customers. However, owing to the efforts of the tech firm, it was able to find a solution to this difficulty.

Recently, the device manufacturer authorized service centers to stock TrueDepth camera spare components in order to avoid replacing the entire unit.

iPhone X Face ID Repair Service

Face ID Repair for the iPhone X is now available

Apple’s Face ID repair services, according to XDA Developers, are limited to the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. As a result, iPhone X owners are still having difficulty repairing their faulty Face IDs.

However, according to a new internal memo, Apple is now including the iPhone X model in its Face ID repair program. As a result of this decision, all firms’ smartphones with notches can now benefit from the most recent repair services.

Some critics pointed out that the choice will benefit people other than iPhone X owners. They also stated that the tech behemoth is spending less money now that all notched handsets may have their Face ID functions restored.

Aside from that, the firm will have a more environmentally friendly condition.

The iPhone Repair Service Is Still Having Problems

Although Apple’s latest repair service project has improved significantly since its inception, there are still some difficulties.

According to The Verge, Apple no longer takes missing iPhones in its repair services. However, this is not a negative film.

Apple noted that rejecting iPhones labeled as missing smartphones prevents repair providers from granting harmful actors complete access to the missing devices.

Meanwhile, a fresh iPhone 14 Pro leak claims that the smartphone’s rear camera bulge will grow in size.

Some reports, on the other hand, claim that the iPhone and iPad will soon become hardware subscription services.

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