IPhone Owner Sues Apple After the Company Refuses to Repair His Device That’s Still Under Warranty

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple after an iPhone 12 owner complained about the company’s failure to fix his gadget. Theodore A. Kim, the plaintiff, sued Google for $1,383.13, the same amount as the cost of his smartphone.

Kim purchased the aforementioned phone in Vietnam in October 2020. The smartphone model is still covered by warranty, which will expire in October 2022.

Apple User Sues Cupertino Company

iPhone Owner Sues Apple After the Company Refuses to Repair His Device That's Still Under Warranty

According to a report by Business Insider on Sunday, Oct.24, the complainant called Apple to get his iPhone fixed due to SIM card troubles. At the time, Kim was in the United States.

Kim stated that he delivered the iPhone to the official Apple Store at the request of the company. Apple, on the other hand, stated that it would not repair the iPhone since it had been tampered with.

Apple did not respond when Kim questioned what may meddle with his device. He claimed that when he received the device from Apple, the SIM tray had been destroyed. Furthermore, he promptly sought assistance from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and informed them that the damage occurred while Apple was in charge.

The Cupertino juggernaut responded that if the iPhone had been truly damaged while in its control, it could have been repaired. As a result, the business nullified the product’s continued warranty.

According to the story, even though Kim volunteered to pay for the repair of his device, Apple declined to do so as well. Kim decided to send an email to Tim Cook in June. He hasn’t heard anything about his message since then.

The next thing Kim did was file a complaint against Apple over how they handled his iPhone 12. According to the BBB complaint, the SIM tray was damaged while Apple was repairing his handset. One of the Apple Store’s managers admitted as much.

Apple is Accused of Two Patent Infringement

Aside from the dispute with the smartphone user, Apple was dealing with recent cases involving iPhone camera lens designs and NFC technology, according to Phone Arena’s report.

The first case involves the startup ImmerVision, which alleged that the tech titan violated a patent in 2005. The case was brought in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware.

According to the complaint, at least one of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models have special lens constructions that alter image qualities. Other Apple goods could be included in the infringement action as well.

The following suit focuses on the technologies associated with a digital wallet and NFT. The Apple Watch and iPhone were mentioned in the complaint. Additionally, Apple apps such as Wallet and Apple Pay are integrated.

More Apple Lawsuits

In May, an iPhone 6 customer named Robert Franklin filed a lawsuit against Apple after learning that his smartphone had a battery problem. The device exploded, and it was thought to be the cause.

Last month, the Cupertino corporation was hit with yet another lawsuit for the Apple Watch’s Swipe Keyboard.

Apple, according to a developer, removed him from the App Store. At the time, he also claimed that Apple took his program without crediting him.

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