Harmattan: Effective scalp care during dry season

effective scalp care

The harmattan season is on its way. After the rainy season, the season begins with extremes of cold, heat, and harsh dryness.

Due to the excessive dryness of the season, the moisture in the hair is constantly lost, resulting in hair dryness and brittleness, as well as hair breaking.

The goal during this season is to keep hair wet while avoiding dryness as much as possible, and proper scalp care is essential.

And, with more women proudly wearing their natural or relaxed hair, scalp and hair care should be done in a methodical manner to avoid a tangled, dry, and frizzy disaster.

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Natures Gentle Touch’s General Manager, Chijioke Anaele, reaffirmed this, saying, “It’s no secret that having a healthy scalp is the secret to having healthy hair.”

A healthy scalp care routine, according to him, includes frequent cleansing to eliminate bacteria, sweat, and excess oil from the skin, as well as procedures to prevent over-drying and boost the skin cell turnover process, depending on one’s skin type and the environment in which one lives.

Anaele explained that the Monoi Oil Natural Hair Range, developed by Natures Gentle Touch, is meant to clean, detangle, retain, reduce dryness, and allow for simple manageability of natural hair this season.

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Strengthening Shampoo, Conditioning Therapy, Restore Serum, Spray Lotion, and Twist & Lock Gel are among the products in the line, which keep hair in good condition for healthy growth.

He also has these tips on how to maintain natural hair this season: “With natural hair, oil and dirt easily build up easily on the scalp. You need to wash constantly.“ You should not hesitate to use a deep conditioner every time you have a chance, this will make it easier to manage and control damages, breakage, and dryness.”

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