Why You Need To Stop Oiling Your Scalp ASAP!!!

You Need To Stop Oiling Your Scalp ASAP!!! And Here’s Why!

This is probably going to be one of the most controversial topics to be discussed but I think its about time we have it.

Lets not pretend most of you have done a lot of oiling of your scalp in your mid 20’s and even early 30’s and its TIME to put a STOP to that.

It was common back in the day when our mothers use to apply oil to your scalp after you wash your hair however after generations of this practice, trichologists are urging you to stop oiling your scalp.

Why are we talking no oiling of scalp at this time its because at a certain stage of your life Oils can cause an increase in naturally occurring yeasts that will exacerbate conditions like Seborrheic Dermatitis.

Also oils like castor  cause an excessive build-up of dirt and which can clog the hair follicles.  It also provides the perfect environment for the scalp fungus malassezia which enjoys feeding off the fatty acids in the oil causing itching and flaking on the scalp.

Ok enough of the science theory hope you are getting where we are coming from you need to stop oiling your scalp on a more simpler terms if you want to appear like a baby in your 20’s then continue but if you really want to look your age then scrap that oiling of your scalp asap.

So where did this misconception come from? 

During the age of captivity and enslavement, Black people didn’t have the tools needed for hair care. Additionally, Sundays was the day off and only time slaves had time for self-care.

Hair washing and protective styling was done on this day with the aid of a brush, baking grease, butter or whatever household products they could find to moisturize and condition hair.

Also with many well known Black haircare brands selling scalp oils, the availability of these products only added to the myth that as Black people, we need to oil our scalp.

While we do not dispute that scalp care is needed – and in fact crucial, there are other products that we can use that are effective.


So to be free from oiling your scalp another option would be washing every seven to ten days, this will keep your scalp clean and begin to regulate sebum production.

And Oh! it is perfectly fine to use two different shampoos, meaning one for dry scalp then another for colored hair. You should try to stay away from thick oily products and only apply conditioners to the mid lengths and ends.

Yes we know Old habits are very difficult to stop but trust us when we say Oiling your scalp is a thing of the past and you need to STOP it now. You can thank us later

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