Can’t Get Wet During S*x? Here’s Why

Why can’t I get wet? That the question some girls tend to ask,  here are a few reasons why:

Dryness of the vagina

What causes dryness of the vagina? Vagina dryness can be caused by smoking of tobacco, research says that smoking of cigarette causes vagina dryness, it is known that alkaloid compound like nicotine in cigarette prevent the production of estrogen.

Yeast infection

Yeast infection can interfere with your ability to get wet by disrupting the balance of flora in the vagina.

Lack of confidence

When a woman lacks confident in her body it tends to get get hard for her to get wet.

How to prevent it

There is no known cure for vagina dryness but its advicable to get medical check up once every month, to prevent yeast infection and any other kind of disease. When it comes to building your confident with your body a woman should just know that she is beautiful regardless of how she look.

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