For Single Ladies: How To Get A Guy

A lot of shy girls don’t know how to impress a guy they truly like, though sometimes its hard to tell if the relationship is worth it, but I guess you wouldn’t know unless you try.

However, for those still interested in love and want to get a guy they like, here are some tips you should know;

1. Go Out!

You can’t be couped up in the house all day and expect yourself to have a boyfriend! Boyfriend’s don’t grow on tree, honey step out of that house.

2.Dress To Impress

One solid fact is, guys are attracted to what they see and not what they know, for example if your a girl with a big boobs, big a$$, boom! You have gotten their attention am not saying that’s all you need, no that’s not all – even with your small tits and a$$  you can still get a guy – it goes beyond body size, wear something nice, like the saying goes ” the way you dress is the way people will address you “.

3. Keep Your Head High And Smile

Am not saying you should just keep your teeth open as you walk, no, but at least don’t look scary if you don’t smile guys will find it hard to talk to you , they will be scared of  getting snubbed.

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