Why S*x During A Rainy Day Is Unbeatable

A lot of people say sex during a rainy day hits differently here’s why;

Body heat is one of the best way to make yourself warm biologically speaking, the muscle in a human body generates heat during cold weather that’s why you feel a level of warmth when you fond your hands over your chest when shivering.

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But according to the saying  “weather for two” its obvious that naked bodies grinding and gliding against one another is just the perfect way to combat the cold. When the sex is that hot, who needs a heater, sweater or duvet to keep warm?

Sense of satisfaction

Apparently there is something really romantic about getting it on amidst all the thunder, lightening and rain it gives a sense of satisfaction because at that moment no one is talking everybody is undressing.

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Its Romantic

Better to light those scented candles when it’s raining and cold than when it hot, right?

Sex when it’s raining is surely not just about combating cold, it can also be very romantic.

4. Entirely different

You know, all year long sweaty sex is what you’ve been getting, and while that is literally hot in its own right, getting your freak on in the cold, wet weather is a different ball game entirely.

It really does bang different, especially if you are doing it with a man or woman who really knows what they are doing.

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