Alleged Infidelity: Anita Joseph’s hubby, MC Fish dares Angela Okorie to show prove

Fisayo Michael, aka MC Fish, the husband of actress Anita Joseph, has dared actress Angela Okorie to provide evidence of his wife’s cheating allegations.

Angela Okorie/Instagram @realangelaokorie
Angela Okorie

In an Instagram post, Angela made the claim that Anita and Uche Elendu had sex with a traditionalist in exchange for fame. She continued by saying that Anita had been having extramarital affairs.

On Monday, in response to the accusations, MC Fish challenged Angela to back up her claims with proof via Instagram Story.

He said, “If someone comes out to accuse another, he/she has to provide proof. The burden of proof lies on the accuser, not the accused. You must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. That is why Peter Obi took a container full of proof to the court. Stop asking people to defend unproven allegations. If the accuser doesn’t provide irrefutable evidence, just ignore and move on. XYZ did so and so. No wahala, drop evidence, if you don’t have evidence, keep quiet.”

Anita Joseph and MC Fish got married in February 2020.

Meanwhile, a friend of the actress Angela Okorie has come under fire for allegedly filming the actress in agony and sending the footage to a blogger.

She also refuted claims that she “snatched” someone’s husband in a Sunday Instagram post.

The 47-year-old claimed that some people in her social circle pretended to care for her while actually harbouring jealousies of her.

She wrote, “Gist lover is so dumb. Why do you always talk about Pu**y and d*ck, mugu this is what I am talking about this was my condition when that demonic friend was videoing me And sending to that ugly blogger.

“Stella damacocus idiot dats why I asked people to insult her very well idiot. All this people saying mama forgive. Gistlover 90 percent of my friends are all married both male and female friends and non of my friends will say I snatch husband or wife, I no Dey live dirty lifestyles verify b4 Putting nonsense tueh tueh out here.

“Friend wey Dey video her friend in this Condition Dey send to bloggers that one Na friend?????????? I ask again? They were mocking me in my pain. Ah all of you that was laughing continue laughing at people’s Pain, tomorrow is not promised. They pretend they love me but they are all Envious of what God has put in me.”

In July 2022, the screen diva also debunked an allegation that she had an affair with the president of Omega Fire Ministries Worldwide Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Angela’s name was listed by blogger Gistlover as one of those who allegedly had sexual relations with Suleman.