‘Marriage is sweet, you collect anytime and anyhow’ Anita Joseph spills

'Marriage is sweet, you collect anytime and anyhow' Anita Joseph spills

Amidst the escalating rate of daily divorces, Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has taken to her millions of followers to illuminate the joys of marriage.

The actress, who is married to a younger man, confidently proclaimed that marriage brings sweetness, allowing one to receive affection freely and in various ways.

While she didn’t explicitly elaborate on her statement, many inferred that she was referring to intimacy.

Anita highlighted the four-year journey with her partner, expressing her unwavering commitment to him for a lifetime. Describing her husband as a wonderful person, she emphasized that their bond is eternal.

She wrote;

“Marriage is sweet jare
You collect any time any how you like
Four years and counting to 120 years ayeeeeehh
Sweet cute Man.
Forever is the deal Nwoke Chukwu ji Gozie m Shallom”.

'Marriage is sweet, you collect anytime and anyhow' Anita Joseph spills

On Valentine’s Day, the celebrity couple celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. In her anniversary message, Anita noted how people said her marriage wouldn’t last 2 months, yet it has been 4 years and they are still going strong.

She further remarked on how people had placed bets on the longevity of their marriage, assuming they were just pretending. However, she humorously pointed out that they’ve been “pretending” for four years now.

'Marriage is sweet, you collect anytime and anyhow' Anita Joseph spills

Anita added that this is one of the reasons she loves God, as His blessings bring richness without sorrow. She expressed gratitude for God’s abundant blessings upon them.

Her husband, MC Fish chimed in, affirming that their love remains strong and the flame of their affection continues to burn brightly.

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