Uche Ogbodo, Toyin Lawani & 5 Nigerian female celebrities married to younger men


Uche Ogbodo, Toyin Lawani & 5 Nigerian female celebrities married to younger men
In a society often bound by traditional expectations, these four Nigerian female celebrities have boldly challenged stereotypes by embracing relationships with younger partners, proving that love transcends age barriers.
As they navigate the complexities of romance in the public eye, they exemplify the timeless adage that love knows no bounds, where age is merely a number.
Let’s explore the captivating journeys of these women who have fearlessly pursued love on their terms.
Uche Ogbodo 
“Uche Ogbodo & 3 Nigerian female celebrities married to younger men
Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo is married to a younger man, Florentus Ifeanyi Bobby Ugwoegbu better known as Bobby Maris.
The couple tied the knot traditionally on 5th January 2023 at her hometown in Imo State.
Uche was formally married to footballer, Apo Arthur with whom she had a child.
Shortly after her first marriage ended, the 43-year-old found love with Bobby Maris who is in his twenties and had a child with him.
As expected, the couple faced online criticism and trolled daily. One time, a troll addressed Uche and Bobby Maris as Mother and Child. Replying to the troll, Uche stated that she agrees that she is Bobby Maris’s second mother. A few months after their wedding, the couple welcomed their second child.
Blessing Obasi
"It wasn't just a choice" Blessing Obasi shares insights on her late marriage
Nollywood actress, Blessing Jessica Obasi-Nze is married to her younger colleague, Stan Nze.
The couple tied the knot on 11th September 2021 in a star-studded wedding. It is worth noting that their union came as a surprise to many because they never publicized their relationship.
On their second wedding anniversary, the couple welcomed their first child.
In an interview, Blessing, 43, boldly declared that age is just a number. According to her, what matters is two hearts that beat as one. She however stated that she never thought she would marry a man in the entertainment industry.
Toyin Lawani
Uche Ogbodo & 3 Nigerian female celebrities married to younger men
Celebrity stylist, and reality TV star, Toyin Lawani is married to a younger man, Segun Druce Adebayo better known as Segun Wealth.
The couple tied the knot in a start-studded wedding on 12th June 2021 and have since welcomed a female child together.
Well, there have been a lot of controversies trailing Toyin’s marriage to date. According to reports, her younger husband, Segun Wealth was married to another woman identified as Edel-Quin Idoga and they have two kids together.
The information about Segun came to the limelight after he proposed to Toyin Lawani on 14th February 2021. Social media investigators swung into action to uncover the mysterious man attached to Toyin.
Sources disclosed that Segun Wealth was working with Toyin as a photographer before he switched positions to be her husband.
It is worth noting that Toyin had two children with different men before welcoming her third child with Segun. She was previously married to a businessman named Aremo with whom she has her first child, Tiannah. After their union ended, she got engaged to music artist Lord Trigg with whom she has her second child, Lord Maine Tennor.
Despite nonstop criticisms from the association of online in-laws for what they tag snatching another woman’s husband, Toyin, 42, has continued to show off how beautiful her union is with Segun Wealth.
Anita Joseph
Uche Ogbodo, Toyin Lawani & 3 Nigerian female celebrities married to younger men
Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph is married to younger entertainer, Fisayo Michael Olagunju better known as MC Fish.
The couple happily show off how beautiful their union is on social media. However, Anita fondly called Mother Hen battle with trolls daily over her marriage.
One time, a troll insinuated that Anita Joseph, 39, was controlling her husband and asked if she paid her bride price because her husband is never happy.
Replying to the troll, Anita stated that she agreed with the troll and also gave her husband money to pay her pride price.
While their union has yet to produce children, Anita has two children a girl and a boy from her previous marriage and relationship.
Lola Omotayo Okoye

Media executive, Titilol Loretta Omotayo Okoye is married to singer, Peter Okoye.
The beautiful union between these two has encouraged older women to take pride in whomever they find love with.
Lola, 52,  and Peter, 42,  were in a relationship for seven years and welcomed their children, Cameron and Aliona before they tied the knot in 2013.
Despite the whopping age difference between them, their union has continued to attest to the saying that age is just a number.
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