Actress Angela Okorie opens up on relationship, music career in new interview

Celebrities are humans like us, they feel pain, grief, anger and shame; all negative emotions that come from being dragged on the net. Sometimes they want to shout glitz and glamour; other times, they just want to enjoy the peace and quiet- forget the paparazzi.

Angela Okorie

In a recent interview, actress and singer Angela Okorie opened up about her relationship and the reasons why she has kept it away from the public eye.

Angela Okorie has stated that she would rather keep her relationship a secret because she does not want the uninvited opinions of others.

She stated during an interview with Saturday Beats and obtained by Glamsquad magazine, “Many entertainers, including me, don’t want their relationships out there. I am a very private person and I believe that once the relationship is on social media, it will break.

“That is why many entertainers have ‘social media in-laws’ who tell them what to do in their relationships or marriages.

“I advise people to only go into relationships with people they are comfortable with. It is better to study the person very well (before making a commitment).”

Speaking on her music career, the 46-year-old said, “I knew I was going to do music a long time ago. Whenever I record any song, I release it to my fans. My movie fans automatically turned into my music fans. That is why I seem to be gaining more listeners. I am not new in the game. This is what I have been doing for a very long time.”

In another interview, Christabel Egbenya, a newlywed Nollywood actress, has discussed motherhood and some changes she has gone through since giving birth to her first child a few weeks ago.

The new mum said: “A whole lot has changed since I had my baby. Now, I really know what motherhood is all about. A lot of things changed about me; about my life, the way I reason and the way I see things. Bringing another soul to life is something else. It has taught me a whole lot of lessons. Ever since I had my baby, my mentality, my reasoning has changed.

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