Why I Don’t Care That My Song Didn’t Blow – Whitemoney Opens Up


Life for Whitemoney has changed. That cannot be disputed. Things for him really took off once he won the Big Brother Naija competition in 2021. A brand ambassador and influencer, he has appeared in a number of high-end ads. Whitemoney is now a well-known brand as well. His music, which the audience did not particularly enjoy, is the one area where he hasn’t yet achieved popularity.

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When his song Selense was released, a lot of people had nothing but bad things to say about it, and as a result, the song failed to become popular commercially. Alternatively put, the song didn’t blast. During a recent event, Whitemoney was asked how many of his wishes from his 29th birthday in 2021 had come true as of the present day while speaking with the kind folks at Goldmyne TV. He discussed his life and where it is at the moment while answering the question. He also explained why he doesn’t really care if his music goes off or not when responding. Whitemoney responded to the query as follows.

Speaking to Goldmyne, Whitemoney was asked “How many wishes of your 29th birthday in 2021 have come through today?“, in response, Whitemoney said:

The only one wey never come to pass be say I never get babe. But every other thing – long life is coming to pass, health – I’m healthy, I’ve not been in the hospital since I came out. Only just home, they come and treat me at home. That is big man treatment you understand? (laughs). I’ve been going to shows, over 80 appearances on different shows. I will not lie, God is good. I can’t even complain. If I complain, God will slap me. I mean you can see it for yourself.

Life has changed in different aspects. I’m grateful oh! I am. It’s beyond winning Big Brother, I won the people’s hearts. That is the most important thing, you understand. Being a president isn’t what counts, how do you lead your people? What makes you a president? What made you a president, it was the people. So still being in the minds of people, for me to come out and people still shout “Whitemoney!”, that is the greatest feeling ever. If I like make it no blow, if I like make the song no blow, but that shout wey dey say “Whitemoney!”, I’m very happy. It shows that you’re still relevant. But the moment you walk past the road and nobody is saying (anything) or “Abegi! Mschewww,” bro, you have tampered it. So I’m grateful to God for that. I’m still relevant. That is my greatest joy.

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