Here is why Sola Sobowale always shouts in her movies

Sola Sobowale

Sola Sobowale, a Nigerian actress, is one of the most well-liked, brilliant, and well-known actresses in Nigeria right now. The Wedding Party, King of Boys, and King of Boys: The Return of the King are just a few of Sola’s noteworthy roles.

Although Sola Sobowale receives a lot of praise for her incredible acting skills, she occasionally faces criticism for her tendency to shout. Here is what Sola said when Chude asked her why she shouts so much in her most recent interview.

Sola Sobowale

When asked “why is she always shouting?”, Sola Sobowale said:

Mmm, that’s what puts food on the table (laughs). Have you seen when people [are watching movies] and say “oh they should have given it to Sola na!”, you see now? Give me, let me blow the roof off! Let me open it! If it’s not Sola, it can never be Sola. But for your information, there is nothing Sola cannot do oh. Everything, bring it on, it’s a full package.

The thing is the way we look at movies differs. The way we receive or understand things also differs. After Toyin Tomato, I went to LTV8, I pulled over. I came down from the vehicle. I saw a good looking 6 ft man, he came, drove in. Pulled over, saw me, and the man went for a stone. Yes! Wan were! I took off! The man nearly stoned me. When people asked “what happened?”, he said “That lady is mean!”. That is one.

When I shot The Wedding Party, on Instagram, I was reading “Aunty Mary (Alibaba’s wife), your husband is going oh.” (laughs) Even when we were filming, somebody on set said to Alibaba, “Ali, should we get you a bed?” For me and Ali. Not only that, somebody else on that set went to Alibaba and asked “Are you sure you and Sola Sobowale…” (laughs). So when Ali said it to me, I said “They said that? Ali, let’s give them more!” (laughs). King of Boys, they want to kill Ade Tiger and Sola Sobowale. Somebody went to my manager and said to my manager, “what’s going on? I’m very sure something is happening.”

This is beautiful. I love it. I love it so much. Do you know why I love it? Because I understand my work. Because I know my craft. What I do is make believe isn’t it? I am an actor. This is what I know how to do. So I want more and I want people to feel like that. If you don’t feel like that, I should be concerned that I don’t know what I’m doing, that that’s not my field. What I am doing, that is the work!

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