WATCH VIDEO: Burna Boy Releases Official Video for ‘Anybody’

The visuals for ‘Anybody‘, are a bit different from Burna Boy’s previous offerings. Here, he is front and centre in almost every scene, establishing himself as the star of the show, something else about ‘Anybody’ that will resonate with Burna Boy’s true fans who appreciate his style and craft, as an artiste.

True to his craft, he sends a subtle message about freedom of expression with his lyrics and the visuals for the single, where models and dancers are dressed in rather bold, “alternative” outfits, dancing freely, clearly happy, almost daring anyone to challenge them.

“Respect is reciprocal, even though una know say I special” is one of the lines the rockstar sings, pointing out that he deserves a bit more than the “regular”.

Watch the video below:


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