Why I didn’t ask Simi out despite my love for her – Samklef

Why I didn’t ask Simi out despite my love for her – Samklef

Music producer, Samklef has started another social media rant. This time, his focus is on singer, Simi.

In a recent post on his X account, Samklef, who had previously revealed that he discovered Simi’s musical talent, clarified that despite being in love with her during their days as struggling artists, he never asked her out.

Samklef further stated that he considered making a move when she ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Lekan, but ultimately chose not to, to maintain a professional boundary.

He however claimed that despite his unwavering support, he feels mistreated by Simi’s family. He expressed frustration, feeling that those he helped, including Simi, were ungrateful. This experience has influenced his perspective on helping others.

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He tweeted

“I SIMI. I almost ask her out o! When she break up with her ex lekan for experience that year But I had to keep it professional make e for no spoil business…Adekunle help me greet your wife for me. Life is it not that deep.

“But simi family show me pepper sha. After everything i do for her…I don forgive dem. That him over sabi brother where him Dey self ?

‘Some of the people wey i help na ingrate. Sometimes i no Dey blame people wey no Dey like help people. A lot of people think say Samklef be the problem. Na why some of them Dey form silence.”

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