Aisha Buhari: Address Me as ‘First Lady’, Not Wife of the President

Aisha Buhari has realized that he taste of the pudding is in the eating.

The wife of the president; Mohammadu Buhari has now declared what she would love to be referred as. She cleared the air in a Banquet at the Presidential Villa in Abuja during which she presented awards to the wives of former and current governors of the various states in Nigeria.

Initially, when the president was elected she mentioned that she would prefer to be referred to as the wife of the president, however at the event Aisha Buhari said;

“When my husband was newly elected, I personally chose to be called the wife of the President.

“But, I realized that it causes confusion from the state as to whether the wives of state governors are to be addressed as the first ladies or wives of the Governors.

“So, forgive me for confusing you from the beginning, but now I chose to be called the first lady.”

Sebastiane Ebatamehi

I am a Writer and Online Publicist, destined to give a voice to the silent echoes and hush whispers that are seldom heard