Gist & Rumors: How Uche Ogbodo allegedly destroyed Timaya and Empress Njamah’s relationship

empress and timaya
Empress Njamah and Timaya

According to reports making the rounds online, Nigerian actress, Uche Ogbodo was the cause of the messy breakup between her colleague and former bestie, Empress Njamah and musician, Timaya.

Uche Ogbodo and Empress Njamah
Uche Ogbodo and Empress Njamah

The shocking revelation was made by anonymous Instagram blogger, Cutie Julls.

According to Cutie Julls, Empress was pregnant for Timaya while dating him, but Uche Ogbodo was dating one of his boys. Uche then allegedly lied to her lover and Timaya that Empress’ unborn child didn’t belong to him (Timaya). This angered Timaya who then ended their relationship.

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Read the report below:

Did you all know it was Uche Ogbodo that destroyed Timaya and Empress’ relationship?

That time, Uche and Empress were forming besties

So She [Uche] moved in Timaya’s house back then in marwa garden and started dating Wrekoba one of Timaya’ s boys.

So when Empress got pregnant, Uche now told Wrekoba that the pregnancy was not for Timaya. That it was for one sugar daddy that she Uche knew was also seeing Empress.

The guy now told his boss, Timaya and that was how Timaya denied Empress and the pregnancy.

Wrekoba was way younger than Uche o. Maybe he used correct gbenz scatter Uche’s brains that’s why she had to sell out her bestie like that.

Glamsquad Magazine recalls that in an interview in 2018, Timaya narrated what happened between him and Empress, and why he collected the car he got her after their messy breakup.

He said, “We woke up one day, and she said I was cheating on her with different girls, and I asked her with who, she called quite a number of names, popular people that I didn’t think of and I didn’t do shit with.

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‘’There was one other popular actress that comes to my house regularly, at some point, we had a misunderstanding and we broke up and I even heard about the part where they said I went to the church to beg her.

Timaya also stated that he gave Njamah a car when their relationship was about ending. According to him, he pleaded with her to reconcile their differences and she brought up her concerns over the fact that the car he had given her was a gift from another woman.

“At that point, she wanted me to get her a Murano, and at that point, a friend of mine came home for Christmas and brought a Murano, and he was going back and wanted me to buy the car, so I was like ”you like this one” she was like she doesn’t like this one that she wanted a particular one from the United States. So I gave my friend the money to buy the car. Then a girl got me a Honda Pilot for my birthday, just a fan.

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‘’The lady who gave the car gift wanted it back because I had given it to Empress. I reached out to Empress to get the car back so as to return it back to the lady.

‘’Empress told me she has used the car to settle herself. I was looking for her, that’s why I went to the church.

‘’I’m saying this now because of the comments people made when they say “you buy gift, you go collect am like Timaya,” am sorry that was my car.

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“I went to the church because it is my car. I had the spare key, I wanted to drive the car, so the security guys come dey look me, and I tell them say, but that’s my car, na my girl, Empress na him carry this car come this church, so they said I should go inside the church and call her and I said I can’t go inside when there is a service going on, so na from there the chaos happen,” he said.

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