Top 5 Tips for Choosing Good Costume Manager for a Play


Costumes help Actors and Actresses turn into different and credible characters on television by communicating facts about their personalities to the audience. Costume design and fashion design are sometimes conflated, yet the two industries and their goals are vastly different.
Enthusiasm for design work.

A costume designer must be well-versed in the history and culture of fashion as well as having a keen eye for detail. The designer needs spend a significant amount of time gathering research information before they can begin designing.

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Talent for the arts.

Costume designers also need to be able to draw well, both by hand and with the aid of a computer. Most costumes start out as a hand-drawn concept, and designers consider drawing sketches to be one of their most important skills.
Software capabilities.

As costume designers are increasingly utilizing computer design programs in their work, many mock-ups are now created digitally as well.


The costume designer must make sure that each character’s age, social standing, and dramatic function are clearly communicated in their clothing when putting the outfits together, and this can change throughout the course of the story. Each character’s outfit design is documented in a “costume storyline,” which follows them chronologically through the novel and shows how they develop throughout. Drawings, pictures, and computer representations are commonly used in plot construction.

Rudimentary construction knowledge.
The technical process by which clothing is made need not be fully mastered by all costume designers; even so, they must have a fundamental understanding of sewing and tailoring. Sewing and modification professionals will work closely with costume designers, and they must be able to convey their design needs effectively, even if they are not directly involved in the manufacturing process.

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