Inetum thanks the 2021 winners and launches the second year of the Africa Digital Manager Award

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The awards ceremony for the Africa Digital Manager Award (ADMA) organized by Inetum (formerly Gfi). The event brought together various African digital players and rewarded the three winners from 2021. Building on the success of this first competition, ESN is launching the second one, in partnership with the Ecole Centrale de Casablanca again, to reward companies and managers who have led digitalization projects in Africa.

The 2021 ADMA awards ceremony took place onInetum’s new premises in Morocco, in Casanearshore (Casablanca). This ceremony closed the first year of this competition which brought together candidates from all over Africa. This event also made it possible to encourage digital projects that participate in economic development across the African continent today and inspire the initiatives of tomorrow.

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The meeting was also a platform for discussion on digitalization issues in Africa, and the trends revealed by the candidates’ projects.Vincent Rouaix, Chairman and CEO of Inetum says: “We believe in Africa, which is a growing continent; digital represents an opportunity for its economy. Hosting the ADMA and the opening of our FabLab in Casablanca are proof of our commitment and our desire to shine on the continent. We are present in close proximity there, to support the digital transition of companies, the economy and, more generally of society, to make the most of digital flow.”

SalouaKarkri-Belkeziz, President of Inetum in Africa announces: “We are pleased that ADMA is meeting with such enthusiasm. Thanks to this project, Inetum is at the heart of a dynamic for the development of innovation ecosystems on the continent. It is an enriching experience thanks to the exchanges we share with talented managers around ambitious projects carried out by African companies and institutions. And we will be keen to make this initiative last, so that it constitutes a real platform for identifying the best digital projects in Africa, every year. “

At the opening ceremony, Inetum announced the 2022 competition. Online applications for the new event are now open on the ADMA

To compete, participants must submit projects carried out internally or in partnership with third parties (laboratories, universities, subsidiaries or other partners). Candidates can also present a managerial method used to effectively lead one or more projects based on agility, change management or any other performance measure. The nature of innovation or managerial excellence will determine the best dossiers selected by the jury.

Review of the 2021 Ceremony

The closing ceremony took place in the presence of numerous digital players in Africa as well as Vincent Rouaix, Chairman and CEO of Inetum. The evening celebrated the success of this first year of ADMA which brought together 52 candidate projects with 10 finalists from 7 countries: Mali, Benin, Senegal, Cameroon, Congo, Morocco and Algeria. The 3 winners were able to receivetheirtrophies:

  • Maghreb Accessoires for theNorth Africa region, for the digitization project addressing the entire organization, with the aim of optimizing management processes and modernizing the customer experience.
  • Orange Cameroun took home the ADMA award for Central Africa, through the MyWay + platform, which consists of innovation and modernization of the customer experience.
  • La Caisse de sécuritésociale du Sénégal (IPRES) won the ADMA award forWest Africa, for the project aimed at modernizing and harmonizing the information systems of this public administration.

The winners will benefit from dual support with substantial added value. First, consulting support for the winning company provided by Inetum’s expert consultants. In addition, Six Sigma Green Belt certification training provided by the ADMA competition partner, l’École Centrale de Casablanca, for the managers who helmed the winning projects.

To participate in the 2022 competition, find all the information and register on:

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