The Twelve19 Styles BAALE Collection Is Making Its Mark On Fashion

Twelve19 Style holds a blend of modernity and tradition at the forefront of its identity. Designers Dayo Alagbe and Oloruntele Taiwo have continued to make their mark in the fashion world through a series of collections that demonstrate their creativity and dedicated craftsmanship. Their new collection, the BAALE collection, demonstrates their eye for detail in their quest to become one of the premier clothiers out of Nigeria.

Rooted in the rich spectrum of Yoruba culture, the BAALE Collection displays the brand’s commitment to blending tradition with contemporary fashion. The name “Baale” is named after the revered leader of communities in Yorubaland, and each piece exudes a royal allure, displaying the true splendour of Yoruba traditions. The influence of culture in the fashion world cannot be understated as it is natural to leave pieces of ourselves in our art.

Yoruba culture is known for its rich and colourful interpretation of the world. At the core of their way of life is an appreciation for the finer things that range from clothing to celebrations. The BAALE collection is in tandem with the nuances of the culture itself — an important detail that was taken into consideration during the creation of this capsule. The capsule’s undisputed identity is one of its major selling points.

Central to the collection is the use of Aso-oke fabric—a beloved staple in Yoruba culture. Through expert craftsmanship, Dayo Alagbe and Oloruntele Taiwo have transformed this traditional fabric into versatile clothing that can exist within different spaces and any occasion. The BAALE Collection effortlessly bridges the gap between cultural heritage and modern style, highlighting its flexibility in appearing at formal events to casual outings. BAALE collection was created with a clear vision to combine regal splendour and allure with a chill, laid back vibe. A mixture of tradition with the ever-evolving fashion landscape is at the forefront of Twelve19 Styles’s identity in the world of fashion.

Since its debut at the Afro Festival in Bristol, the BAALE Collection has quickly garnered acclaim from fashion enthusiasts worldwide. With its distinctive blend of tradition and innovation, Twelve19 Styles continues to solidify its place in the fashion industry, captivating audiences with each new release and placing their imprint firmly on the fashion walk of fame.

As the world becomes a more progressive, fashion-forward playground, the BAALE collection will certainly find its place amongst fashion enthusiasts. The nature of the collection does well to connect Nigerians at home and abroad, giving those in diaspora an intimate, yet stylish feel of what it’s like to be back home. Dayo Alagbe and Oloruntele Taiwo’s contributions to the fashion world are slowly but surely making waves at home and beyond.

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