Read: Microsoft listens to your complaints, receives praise in Teams and summaries on YouTube

We can contact this company via the internet in a variety of methods, both official and unofficial.
Whether to commend them on their efforts, offer advice on program adjustments, or submit complaints.

Microsoft listens again to your complaints and requests

However, earlier this year, Microsoft caused a stir when it abruptly shut down some of its user feedback sites.
However, it appears that the company has changed its mind and has just launched a new official platform for sending feedback, which will be available before the end of the year.
Microsoft 365 and Edge will be the first to receive this update.
Other programs, such as Windows, will be included next year, according to the announcement.

Users will be able to share their own ideas as well as vote and comment on those of others on this site.
It will also allow you to see previously submitted reviews, see Microsoft’s answers, and receive updates on the status of our reviews.

We can, on the other hand, continue to leave private comments in Microsoft 365, Teams, or Edge.

YouTube will show you the most viewed of a video

For many years, YouTube has been the premier streaming video content platform, as well as one of the most popular websites on the internet.
We can locate a wide range of free entertainment to play and watch.
Furthermore, these contents continue to expand with the passage of time around the world.
Additionally, its parent business, GoogleIt, provides us with an increasing number of extra services to enhance our experience.

We’re telling you this because tests are currently underway with a new feature that will undoubtedly be popular.
It’s about the prospect of seeing firsthand the parts of a video that have been judged to have received more views.
That way, we’ll be able to save time by focusing on the areas that are most likely to be fascinating.
Simply click on the playback bar, and this integrated player graphically displays the areas of the video that have been seen the most by other Youtube users.

youtube parts

Congratulations on your work in Teams will be received and sent to you soon

According to what is currently known, Microsoft will soon make it difficult to distinguish between its own efforts and those of others in the collaborative Teams work.
As a result, users will be able to offer compliments to others via an extension that will be tethered to the app’s chat bar.
This new tool will allow you to see all of the compliments you’ve received and sent over the last six months.

teams tokyo

This includes messages issued via the extension as well as the Live Insights app.
As a result, these communications sent through Teams will include a link to the user’s personal history.
And it is that in this form of collaborative effort, receiving certain pats on the back, as well as sending them to individuals we believe deserve them, never hurts.

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