Nollywood Actress Ruth Eze Speaks on Reducing ‘Big Boobs’

Ruth Eze, a popular Nollywood actress, has opened up on reducing her ‘big boobs’ in a recent interview.

The thespian claimed that she has never considered having her breasts reduced because they are one of her unique features and her selling point.

Ruth in an interview with Saturday Beats, further explained why she could not cope with a cheating partner. She said,

Ruth Eze

“I have never thought of reducing my boobs. I wish I can even increase them. They are my selling points and my baby loves them. On the issue of cheating, I think everyone cheats but I cannot stand a cheating partner. Cheating is stressful; why would one be with someone if you will be cheating on them? It makes no sense.”

When asked what had helped her get more movie roles, the actress said, “Well, my raw talent has gotten me more roles. The thing is, if you are a movie director, producer or movie marketer, after watching any of my movies, you must call me for your jobs because you will be impressed by how I interpret my roles. I will love to play the role of a policewoman.”

Speaking about the drama associated with sending nude photos and videos to one’s partner, the actress stated, “It is not the right thing to do and I have never done it. If my partner asks for my nude pictures, that will be the end of the relationship. I will get out of the relationship.”

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