‘My mother-in-law never liked my skin colour’ – Susan Peters opens up on her crashed marriage

My mother-in-law never liked my skin colour’ – Susan Peters opens up on her crashed marriage

Nollywood actress, Susan Peters has revealed some of the reasons that led to her crashed marriage.

According to the Benue State born, who quit her marriage in 2022, her ex-mother-in-law never liked her because of her skin colour.

Susan disclosed this while reacting to Prince Harry’s statement about how his family treated Meghan because of her Skin colour.

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Recall that in interviews with ITV and CBS, the Duke of Sussex opened up about several personal and sensitive topics, including the tragic loss of his mother, the former Princess of Wales; his disdain towards the British press; his anger over the treatment of his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and the subsequent rift with his family since their marriage.

In reaction to the video of Prince Harry’s statement, Susan wrote:

“We all go through the same thing, my mother In-law never liked me too. I think the color itself is intimidating, oh well … we never agreed with each other at all”.

In March 2022, Susan del eted everything that would remind her of her short-lived romance with her former Dutch husband, Dr. Koen Croon.

Susan and Croon got married in a traditional wedding ceremony held in 2015 in Benue State.

The couple later had a civil marriage at Ikoyi Marriage Registry, Lagos State in the presence of some of the bride’s colleagues in the movie industry.

However, trouble began when Susan and her husband had to begin their married life living miles apart from each other.

The actress was already pregnant with their first child when it was rumoured that the marriage had collapsed.

She lost the pregnancy. Being a very private person, Susan kept her lips sealed and continued to enjoy her marriage. Not long after, the marriage finally hit the rocks.

One of the reasons for the breakup was the long-distance separating the couple. Susan Peters was busy facing her career as an actress in Nigeria and neglected her husband abroad.

The actress was not willing to sacrifice her robust acting career and fully settle down. This forced her husband to indulge in extramarital affairs in her absence. Susan got to know about this and although they tried to patch things up, the marriage collapsed.

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