Mercy Johnson Quit Wearing Revealing Outfits Because Of Patience Ozokwor

Mercy Johnson and Patience Ozokwor/Kanyi Daily News

Mercy Johnson Okojie was known for wearing revealing outfits and playing erotic roles in her early acting career. With time, the Lagos-born actress transitioned from acting erotic scenes to roles that didn’t necessitate her wearing sexy outfits, and she also changed her dress code for public appearances.

Fans have questioned the factor responsible for Mercy Johnson’s decision to dress a bit more modestly compared to the past. While some have linked her decision to marriage and motherhood, others have linked it to the thespian’s religious life.


However, the actress would answer the question fans have been asking regarding her way of life during one of the editions of her ‘Mercy’s Menu’ cook show.

Mercy’s new wardrobe was inspired by legendary actor Patience Ozokwor (aka Mama G). During the show, Ozokwor, who has appeared in numerous films alongside Mercy, reminded her of when she urged her to change because she would get married and have kids who would grow up and ask why she was wearing such outfits.

Patience Ozokwor and Mercy Johnson on a movie set/Naija Gists

Ozokwor inquired, recounting the moment:

“Do you remember when you were younger before you got married? Remember I told you that the photos you take today, your children will see them tomorrow and ask you immediately the kind of lifestyle you lived?’’

In response, the mother of four said:

“Yes you did. You told me, ‘Mercy dress properly, you will have kids and when they grow up, they will ask you, why are you looking this way’, yes I remember, I’m lucky.”

Mercy Johnson is married to Nigerian politician and businessman Prince Odianosen Okojie.

She is one of the biggest actors in the Nigerian film industry, with over 100 movies to her credit. Some of the films she has appeared in include Code, Gallant Babes, The New Normal, and more.

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